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The rubbish removal process is one of the most demanding tasks someone can go through. It takes time, money and energy, and if managed in a wrong way, this simple task can become a person`s worst nightmare. And when we say "nightmare", we know what we are talking about. Hundreds of people came to us asking for help after they tried to complete this task alone. Unfortunately, they haven`t succeeded. Ben and Jerry is a waste collection company specialised in a large variety of junk removal services across the entire capital.

  • We guarantee you that your request will be met absolutely professionaly.

  • We offer customers only high quality services which are meant to fit their needs perfectly.

  • These services are carried out only by highly trained professional with years of experience.

Organise your waste collection in a smart way and make the best choice you could ever make

We know how stressed you are when you have to choose the waste clearance service provider for your home or office, because of all the things that need to be done in such a short time. Some of the most common issues when having somebody to deal with your waste are the delays.

Be Careful

You have to make a list of rubbish removal companies, then call each one of them to ask a quote and assess which offer is the best. And when this entire process is completed, there is still the reability part. Even after you have booked, unexpected problems may come up.

We Guarantee Results

Ben and Jerry is exactly what you need for your succesful waste clearance. Let our experts use their knowledge to help you with this nerve-wrecking process.

020 8746 4455 All you have to do is call us on and book your appointment with us today.

Our promise

Usually, people try to dispose of old and redundant things as quickly as possible and they are never happy, when they have to wait to get the task done. You might not realise, but the heavy cargo can also be quite a problem, which can result in possible delays or even breakage of the vehicle.

You probably have big pieces of old furniture which you cannot wait to get rid of. Then, why try to go through the furniture disposal by yourself? Why not ask our company for help? We guarantee you that your request will be met absolutely professionally. With us, you can be completely sure that your furniture disposal will be a smooth one.

The most popular services in our portfolio are:

So, why don't you stop wasting time, energy and financial resources? Call us on 020 8746 4455 today and book your rubbish removal with us.

Let us ease this task for you, before it is too late. Don't let any unpleasant and unwanted accidents to ruin your junk removal day. Trust us with your furniture disposal and we guarantee that you won`t regret your decision.

020 8746 4455 All you have to do is call us on and book your appointment with us today.


This process will be completed with the utmost care and security by our experienced staff, who uses only licensed and advanced tools and equipment.

Our company will therefore give you the chance of enjoying your life, without any stress or hassle that might disturb your day-to-day schedule. Many people try to avoid hiring a waste removal company, thinking that they will waste their money for nothing, but they end up asking specialists to help them when they have already wasted many resources.

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Our Testimonials

Sean H. 2022/10/05
I booked Ben and Jerry for same day rubbish removal. To be honest, I was surprised that was even an option. I desperately wanted everything cleared as quickly as possible and was pleasantly surprised when they said they had teams in my area able to carry out the clearance right away.
Scott H. 2022/10/02
I booked Ben and Jerry for rubbish removal and needed them to come over and get everything cleared as quickly as possible. I thank my lucky stars I contacted them. They were able to accommodate my needs.
J. Lane 2022/10/02
They had excellent reviews for rubbish removal. Quite a few of the reviews were from people who'd had junk collected by this company. I hired them for the job and received a speedy, cheap clearance.
Pia H. 2022/09/30
Rubbish removal took place on time. They handled the big clearance with ease, just as they assured me they would. I put a lot on their plate. Luckily, I hired the right team of professionals.

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