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When you need assistance with your rubbish removal, finding someone to help you can be quite difficult due to the fact that most clearance companies are very busy with their work. And there`s the transportation problem: your home may or may not be easily accessed, but even if it is, sometimes that may not be enough, especially when you have big pieces of old and unused furniture. So what`s left to do in this case? The answer is simple: call us! Ben and Jerry is a rubbish removal company which provides a wide range of services such as: home rubbish removals, office rubbish removals and many others. We understand how demanding the right rubbish removal company can be, we know that in today`s world time and money are very important and we also know that what you need is a high quality service. And that`s exactly what our company offers:

  • We offer a variety of rubbish removal services in London at competitive prices. We cater for the disposal needs of domestic and commercial clients alike.

  • We use fuel-saving vans and recyclable bags to ensure we don’t contribute to global warming.

  • Our rubbish collection assistance is perfect for you and all you have to do is contact our office to book an appointment with us.

A Rubbish Removal Company Committed to Keeping the Environment Clean

  • Our rubbish removal team will come to your property whenever you require and bag your rubbish for you. They will quickly collect your waste without wasting your time and dispose of it in an efficient manner.

  • We will not just dump your rubbish in the nearest landfill. We will sort it and dispose of it in the environmentally friendly way. Waste recycling is our main priority.

  • We recycle more than 85% of the waste we collect from homes in London thus significantly reducing our carbon footprint.

  • Professional service

    Our rubbish removal team are equipped with the latest technology and all the tools necessary for the safe disposal of waste. We carry out our rubbish collection jobs in a quick and efficient manner. The rubbish we collect is sorted by our team and sent for recycling. The items that cannot be reprocessed are disposed of as per the rules set by the Environment Agency. Call us now to find out more about our green credentials.

domestic and commercial services

Let your home or office rubbish clearance be handled by skilled and talented experts who have the belief that you need to get exactly the services you deserve for the money you pay. We can help you declutter your home or remove certain items from your loft, basement, garage, etc.

Whatever you need help with, we can accommodate all your waste disposal requirements. Our customer service representatives work 24/7 to answer your phone calls and give you free consultations and quotes. Our rubbish removal team can come to your home at short notice and deliver a same day service at low cost.

020 8746 4455 Contact us now and you will get a free quote with no obligation required.

We are Highly skilled and experienced professionals:


Entrust Our Waste Removal Team with the Task and Forget about the Hassle

We are not afraid to work, we offer exquisite services even where most London rubbish disposal companies tend to shy away, because we know that no matter how difficult it is, if we complete your task, you will be a happy customer. And this is what we want for our customers - to be completely satisfied with the services we deliver. And if you are happy with us, then we are happy as well, because it means that we have done our job successfully.

At Ben and Jerry we have assembled a team of true professionals who are always at your beck and call.

Our rubbish collection team are highly efficient and fully-vetted; they know the area like the back of their hand and will never let you down.

Our rubbish collectors have many years of experience under their belt and can overcome any challenge they meet. They are all background-checked and can be relied upon to complete your London waste collection to a high standard. They reduce the stress involved in the process by taking care of all the details for you.

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And if this is what you seek as well, then all you have to do is contact our office and book your appointment with us today. You won`t regret choosing our expert services!

Our Testimonials

K. Jones 2022/07/15
I hired them for rubbish removal. I was happy they collected the junk on the same day and at no extra cost. The same-day clearance benefitted me immensely.
L. McBrine 2022/07/13
Their rubbish removal team had the rubbish cleared from my property fast. It wasn't an easy job due to what I was chucking away. They made it look so.
R. Henshaw 2022/07/05
They had good rubbish removal reviews, so I went with them. The quote given was reasonable considering all I was chucking away. The service was over quickly, and they stuck to the quote. All in all, it was just the perfect service.
Andy A 2022/07/01
I used them for rubbish removal and was very happy with what this company did for me. They removed much waste from my property and took everything away for an affordable price.

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