Looking for a rubbish removal company that will not only deliver the highest standard in waste collection services, but will also cover every aspect of your requirements? Then look no further.

  • Here at Ben and Jerry we have spent a lot of time ensuring that our specialised services cover everything to make your junk collection simple and easy.

  • We can provide highly skilled and experienced employees who are professionally trained in order to make sure all your items are safely disposed of.

  • From attic junk removal to office furniture disposal, if you want your task to be swiftly and easily completed, then you definitely have to take full advantage of our attractive offers!

It is very important that sharp corners are padded and all glass and mirrors are wrapped. Cabling and ropes are also handy for securing items, especially drawers to prevent them from coming open during transportation. This is why our professional waste collection teams are one of the most popular crews amongst customers in Central London, because they take care of everything.

  • Call us on 020 8746 4455 and have a chat with somebody from our support team about your specific waste removal needs in Central London.

  • Even if you think you have far too much to dispose of, or if you are worried your items are too much to be dealt with at once, this does not matter to us.

  • Our services will surely help you today.

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All the customers who use our expert rubbish disposal services can rest assured that their house or office will be left with no clutter, as we often have a lot of requests from homeowners and business owners in Central London and we always meet their needs.
020 8746 4455 Call us now to learn how we can help you today
If you have multiple locations that need clearance simultaneously, we can even help you with that also! We will ensure each of your properties is cleared and all your waste moved safely and securely, allowing for minimal disruption to your business or family. Regardless of whether you've got one or several dozens of tables or a couple of photocopiers that you need to get rid of, our specialists are ready to take care of it all.

We have helped so many shops, bars, restaurants and others and we can definitely help you, too. Here at Ben and Jerry we never shy away from any request, so you can trust us to ensure your domestic or commercial waste disposal goes fast and fluently. Our high quality services can handle any kind of machinery or furniture that cannot fit into your own vehicle. We will take care of all the attic clearance, furniture disposal or green waste collection, using the best equipment available today.

Our Testimonials

Dawn D. 2022/10/03
Getting a quote and then booking them for waste clearance was a quick and easy process through their website. The team they sent over did splendidly for me on collection day.
G. Horsham 2022/10/02
I reached out to them for a free quote for my waste clearance job. I found them to be very responsive. I got a quote, which I was happy to accept in minutes.
S. Whitbread 2022/09/30
I checked their reputation and reviews online. After reaching out to them for a quote, hiring them for builders waste removal was a no brainer.
Jim A. 2022/09/27
The waste clearance team that showed up didn't dilly dally. I showed them the junk, and they were on the ball and had the lot cleared away very quickly.

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