If you're are an owner of any kind of property in East London, Ben and Jerry has got the perfect junk removal team ready and waiting for you, whenever you need it. It's not an easy task to take care of your property. You might have a huge amount of old and redundant furniture and belongings to be carried, loaded and transported. You may even require furniture disposal from us. We can deal with every type of both domestic and office waste collection. You might be a student who lives in a rental property and need your residence free of clutter, so that there will be enough room for your tons of books and papers. Please, do not hesitate whether to turn to us in such a case.

Our specialists are also capable of dealing with old heavy machinery including computers, printers and photocopiers. Most waste clearance companies shy away from providing big or complex services, but not us. We will meet any challenge head on.

  • Call us now on 020 8746 4455 and learn about how exactly we can provide you with the bespoke service you deserve.

  • We have the right skills, the right equipment and the best vehicles available for the job.

  • So, all properties in East London that need rubbish removal can be taken care for if you just get in touch today.

If you're looking for reliable team of domestic or office waste collectors, there is really no doubt that our crews who operate throughout East London are the right ones for you! Not only is East London steeped in deep history but it's also the home of the most trustworthy London rubbish disposal teams. From E1-E18, which is Tower Hamlets, Hackney, Newham, Waltham Forest, Havering and Barking and Dagenham, you'll be spoilt for choice.

Office and house clearance are very easy with our outstanding service stretching its way throughout not only the Eastern part, but all over the entire capital. You will have absolutely no problem finding a way to get in touch with us and once you do it, we will be at your door very soon. You have to simply find yourself served by the bets junk removal service provider within East London.

Here at Ben and Jerry we strive to ensure your waste clearance service goes as smoothly and easily as possible. That is why we hand pick all of our staff members and select only those who meet our strict requirements. To work on any of our services, our employees must be highly skilled and knowledgeable in securing the order and hygiene in your property.
020 8746 4455 Call us for the most reliable experts throughout East London
But the most important thing we look for in our staff is a friendly and courteous manner. We are passionate about making your house clearance as relaxed and calm as possible, so it makes sense to invest in our assistance today.

Our specialists are skilled and experienced in handling even fragile or dangerous items, so we take the matter very seriously. All our staff are also fully trained in health and safety to ensure everything is carried out to the highest possible standards in a safe manner. All of our staff are highly experienced in this work, with a proven track record in house and office rubbish removal services. They are also fully insured and security vetted, so that you can fully trust them and let them into your place.

Our Testimonials
Brad Felton 2020/03/05
In my line of work, I use waste disposal services regularly, and I will be using Ben & Jerry. They did a recent personal job at my East London property, and they were terrific. Great experience from start to finish.
B. Hansen 2020/02/02
I can't say enough how much I recommend Ben and Jerry! From start to finish the rubbish collection staff was so kind, patient with all of my questions, efficient, fast to respond to my emails, and professional!
Aimee L. 2019/08/11
My husband hired this rubbish removal firm to do some waste clearance at our property in East London. The guys did a wonderful job, and they are very affordable. We would recommend their services.
Louis M. 2019/07/15
I use the East London area rubbish removal service quite often, and Ben & Jerry has been the best. They have a terrific team of blokes and better prices than other waste disposal companies in the area.
Ophelia Graham 2019/06/02
These guys are super fast. They had my entire rubbish removal done in under an hour. They also have some of the lowest rates available in East London. I would hire them again.