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You're in South East London and you've got so much waste that you simply have to dispose of. The only problem is all those friends who said they would come and help still have not turned up! Many people often first think of using friends or relatives, when they're planning their house or office rubbish removals. They think that lifting, carrying and loading all that junk is easy and simple. Are you really sure anyone can do it? You will find very soon that this is not the case at all! This is why at Ben and Jerry we strongly advise our customers on taking up a professional waste collection package.

  • Let one of our highly skilled and trained junk disposal teams take care of all your rubbish clearance needs.

  • Our crews are fully trained in safely precautions, when lifting and carrying and all of our vehicles are perfect for transporting even the heaviest and largest of waste loads.

  • The security and safety of your furniture disposal matter a great deal to us.

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Call us now to learn what our expert services can do for you and your London rubbish disposal needs. This is why we are always on hand to give support and advice to our customers. So no matter where you are in South East London, get in touch today.

South East London is often forgotten about when planning days out in London, which is surprising as it has so much to offer! You'll have no problems moving around as tube lines and trains and buses service the area all the way through and it's great fun to ride the DLR! You'll find yourself moving through areas such as Lewisham, Bromley, Bexley, Greenwich and Southwark, which is SE1-SE28 south of the river. In Greenwich, you can go on a voyage of discovery!

Visit the Maritime Museum! Walk along the Meridian Line, where time began! Or gaze at the stars in the Royal Observatory or visit the Royal Naval College for real cultural experiences. Southwark is also home to the Cutty Sark, a magnificent war ship that you can actually climb on board and take a look round. Even walking along the river front in South West London is a great experience and the best place to be on a weekday morning or a Sunday Afternoon.

You might need house clearance in South East London, or maybe it is office rubbish disposal assistance that you are truly looking for? Office clearance can definitely be even more stressful and difficult than home waste disposal. You may have multiple rooms' furniture to pack down and get rid of. You might have large quantities of desks and office chairs and boxes upon boxes of files and paperwork.

  • However much you need to dispose of, here at Ben and Jerry we have all the skills, equipment and vehicles to help. We can offer a far wider range of rubbish removal services than many other London waste collection companies, because we have the skilled crews to complete the job.

  • Even if you have multiple old or broken computers, photocopiers and printers, we can take care of those, too. Our expert junk removal services can ensure all your machinery and furniture is disposed of 100 % safely and securely.

  • Businesses and companies have been relying on us over and over again to provide the swiftest waste clearance services possible, because we know that time is money. If you need somebody to take care of your office swiftly, you can trust us to get the job done, without any hassle, wherever you're based in South East London.

020 8746 4455 Our commercial rubbish removal deals also come at highly competitive prices, so call us to learn more about what we can do for you and your business.

Our Testimonials

R. Rutherford 2022/10/05
I had a massive clear-out in my front and back gardens. I got this firm, their garden waste disposal team, to sort out all the cut-down branches, cuttings and trimmings.
G. Kawol 2022/10/05
I knew I couldn't chuck everything in with my general household rubbish. The council wouldn't have been best pleased. I ended up hiring this firm for garden waste disposal. It was exactly what I needed.
Darren D. 2022/10/04
I thought garden waste disposal would be a hassle to sort out. I was very impressed with everything this company in South East London did.
Angela H. 2022/10/02
They turned up on time and did a great job carrying out the waste clearance service I needed. I'd certainly recommend them for such work.

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