4.5/5 20Aug 2019 Many thanks to Rubbish Removal Company for the great waste collection service, the team were swift and efficient.
4.5/5 29Jul 2019 We used Rubbish Removals Ben and Jerry for rubbish removal a few times and they have always been great to us.
4.5/5 10Apr 2019 Would thoroughly recommend BenandJerry, their rubbish disposal service has been an absolute life saver. We just moved into a new home and had so much rubbish to chuck out, and no way to get to the dump, so they came and did it for us, and it was sorted in a couple of hours. Such a weight off our minds.
4.5/5 18Mar 2019 We've just had some building work done and the builders left such a mess, we had to call in Ben and Jerry Rubbish Collection to do a builders waste removal. Glad we did, though because they sorted it really quickly and the price was a lot cheaper than I expected, and far less hassle than arguing with the actual building company.
4.5/5 05Mar 2019 Ben and Jerry carried out the waste collection job at short notice. The price remained low and they remained professional throughout. It was a top-notch service.
4.5/5 13Feb 2019 I used Rubbish Removal Company for a recent waste removal job and couldn't have been happier with the service.
4.5/5 08Nov 2018 I hired Rubbish Removals Ben and Jerry for loft clearance. It was a much better option than skip hire. I didn't need to do any work. I could just let them get on with it.
4.5/5 09Oct 2018 5 Stars. Needed rubbish removal from my flat. I will be using Rubbish Removals Ben and Jerry for any future waste removal needs. Great business to work with.
4.5/5 10Sep 2018 From start to end, the process was free of hassles. I could find no fault with the workers, and so I am happy to recommend Ben and Jerry Rubbish Collection to those family and friends who find themselves with an excess of rubbish at a cheap price.
4.5/5 16Aug 2018 Who do you call when you have a broken, extra large freezer to be hauled away? Well, you call Rubbish Removal Company. These chaps do a smashingly good job and at a low cost. No complaints. I highly recommend for anyone in requires an efficient and cheap rubbish removal service.
4.5/5 02Aug 2018 I have used Ben and Jerry for several years. Competent junk removal services at a good price. Highly recommend to those reading reviews.
4.5/5 25Jul 2018 High winds dislocated several roof sheets which needed immediate removal. I sent an email to Rubbish Removal Company via their website. The response was quick and the price was one I could afford. The driver arrived at the agreed upon time and proceeded to load the roof sheets onto his lorry. Prompt courteous rubbish removal service.
4.5/5 06Jul 2018 I contacted Rubbish Removal Company to remove old papers and rubbish from my flat. The waste removal service was swift and the price was affordable. From what I gather, they basically concentrate their services locally. Overall a hassle free transaction for all those concerned.
4.5/5 06Jun 2018 It was a cheap and professional flat clearance service from Rubbish Removal Company. I couldn't have wished for a better service.
4.5/5 02May 2018 We use Ben and Jerry Rubbish Removals quite often for ad hoc waste disposal and they are always totally professional and incredibly efficient. Wouldn't use anyone wise now.
4.5/5 23Apr 2018 Ben and Jerry Rubbish Removals were by far the cheapest service I could find to help me with a garden waste disposal project, and when I spoke to their booking team it was pretty clear that they knew what they were doing and were genuine professionals. This was nice to see as some of the other services I spoke to were quite the opposite. On the day they were due to arrive, the team turned up bang on time and completed the job way quicker than I expected.
4.5/5 23Mar 2018 Brilliant waste removal service. Ben and Jerry Rubbish Collection were cheap, helpful and a joy to work with. Superb all round.
4.5/5 20Feb 2018 Rubbish Removal Company provided us with quality waste collection at an affordable cost. We highly recommend this company. They were very respectful and fair, and we got on great with them.
4.5/5 16Jan 2018 I hate trying to tackle a rubbish removal task. That's why when I heard about Ben and Jerry Rubbish Collection and gave them a call, making a booking was a no-brainer.
4.5/5 05Dec 2017 I like how quickly Ben and Jerry responded to my enquiry, even offering me a free quote for the garden waste removal I needed. I looked around at a few other places and couldn't find anywhere cheaper, or who were more nice when talking to them.
4.5/5 08Nov 2017 Neat, left the place tidy, all at a price I could afford. No hidden fees, no selling of services. Up front, trustworthy, will use Ben and Jerry Rubbish Removals again for any rubbish clearance needs.
4.5/5 05Oct 2017 I will recommend and I will call again! Cleared out my closets, attic and basement, spring cleaning is done! Thank you BenandJerry, you are the best rubbish clearance company!
4.5/5 16Sep 2017 Rubbish Removal Company is an upstanding waste clearance company. They were true to the adverts on their website. Needed an old piano moved, and they did it without complaint, even though the weather was not pleasurable. Thank you, and will recommend.
4.5/5 28Aug 2017 Ben and Jerry are true experts in handling waste collection!
4.5/5 09Aug 2017 I hired Ben and Jerry Rubbish Removals to help with a large rubbish clearance and was not disappointed! Plus the great discount they gave me sealed the deal. Definitely recommend them!
4.5/5 26Jul 2017 Enjoyed working with Ben and Jerry Rubbish Collection so much I am confident I will never have to find another garden waste disposal company. They were so efficient, came when they said they would, got on with the job no problem, and cleared out everything so quickly I barely even had time to make them a cuppa. Super pleased with the whole process, and can't wait to work with them again.
4.5/5 12Jul 2017 Haven't got a bad word to say about Ben and Jerry Rubbish Collection. Easiest rubbish clearance service I've ever used, so happy to help with everything and so much cheaper than anywhere else in the area. Will be hiring again soon.
4.5/5 27Jun 2017 After using many waste removal companies over the years, I found Ben and Jerry Rubbish Collection. They proved to be the best in the area. They have consistently offered me low prices for excellent services.
4.5/5 07Jun 2017 When we needed some rubbish removal done, a close family friend of ours recommended Rubbish Removal Company. She talked about them very positively, and I can see why. Thank you for your great service!
4.5/5 30May 2017 This waste collection company was great. We inquired about the cost, and the estimate seemed fair, so booked Ben and Jerry immediately. Thank you very much. Rubbish is now removed, and the wife is finally happy.
4.5/5 04May 2017 The waste disposal crew from Ben and Jerry Rubbish Removals are always prompt, clean and maintain a high standard of workmanship. Definitely recommend.
4.5/5 24Apr 2017 I hired BenandJerry for a rubbish removal job from my home 5 days ago. They did a good job and the cost was very affordable. I will tell my friends about BenandJerry.
4.5/5 06Apr 2017 I used their waste removal services three days ago. I am pleased with the job and plan to hire Ben and Jerry again for future jobs.
4.5/5 13Mar 2017 The junk clearance service from Rubbish Removal Company was affordable and brilliant in terms of quality. I have no qualms about anything that went down.
4.5/5 10Feb 2017 Reasonably-priced, efficient and speedy waste disposal service! Cannot recommend Ben and Jerry Rubbish Collection enough!
4.5/5 16Jan 2017 I will never have to worry about rubbish disposal as I found the best company in London - Ben and Jerry Rubbish Removals! The service they provided me with was great quality and the cost of the job was more than affordable!
4.5/5 06Dec 2016 I have used many waste clearance companies but none of them has been as affordable and reliable as Ben and Jerry Rubbish Removals. I am more than pleased with their cheap service! Their team were polite and hard-working, and didn't let me down.
4.5/5 16Nov 2016 The rubbish collection team of Ben and Jerry Rubbish Collection were incredible! Couldn't have asked for more!
4.5/5 27Oct 2016 Excellent garage junk removal services. Rubbish Removal Company have surpassed all my expectations - I actually didn't expect much from such a cheap service, but as it turned out I was too quick to judge, as they not only charged me a very affordable amount, but also cleared out my entire garage in just a few hours. Will happily recommend!
4.5/5 28Sep 2016 We hired Rubbish Removals Ben and Jerry for a commercial waste disposal job in our local factory and they really blew our minds with the quality of service provided. The speed was excellent, the job was done faster than expected and the rate was just right.
4.5/5 30Aug 2016 I only just finished getting rid of all the junk in my house and it was Ben and Jerry Rubbish Removals who handled things. I had been trying to find an easy way of disposing of my rubbish and a friend recommended this firm. I talked to the operator and was told I could book the team to directly collect and dispose of everything for me. This was a treat, as I got rid of everything quickly without any work on my part. This team was great.
4.5/5 13Oct 2015 Ben and Jerry Rubbish Collection provided a super fast and efficient rubbish removals service for us. The assistants were wonderful and arranged a perfect disposal of our waste at an affordable cost. The clutter was collected carefully and with no problems.
4.5/5 02Oct 2015 If I was going to recommend any rubbish removals company, I would recommend Ben and Jerry Rubbish Removals without a doubt! They were friendly, cheap and reliable when they collected my waste and I was very happy with them.
4.5/5 24Sep 2015 With so many rubbish removal companies claiming to be the best in the business, I was starting to get confused about which one to choose. I decided to use a junk disposal company comparison website to help me make up my mind and to get a rough indication of the overall costs. I put in my details and within a few minutes I got a few quotes via email from different firms. The only company that did call me was Ben and Jerry Rubbish Collection, so I decided to choose them. They showed a high level of professionalism. I'm so glad I used this company and I'd warmly recommend them.
4.5/5 03Sep 2015 What can I say? These guys were so much better than I had ever expected from a rubbish removals company! The experience and professionalism of the staff at Ben and Jerry Rubbish Collection is obvious the minute they walk through your door, all with welcoming smiles at that! Everyone exercised great care when doing their job, and even when they were in the middle of work were happy to answer all of the questions my partner and I had. Well done everyone who helped! I've already recommended you to several of my friends!
4.5/5 25Aug 2015 I got an incredible service when I chose to hire Ben and Jerry Rubbish Collection. I needed a rubbish removals company after selling my house, which had a lot of complications and different factors to think about. By the time everything was lined up and it was time for me to move out, I was very stressed, and didn't want any more complications to think about. These guys gave me a long-needed rest from all that. Everyone who worked on my waste collection was very professional, hard working, and was always happy to answer my queries. I've already recommended them and will do in the future.
4.5/5 14Aug 2015 I've collected waste before, and far from being an expert, I was all too aware of how stressful it was going to be! I looked into companies that could help me and I hired a professional team from Ben and Jerry. I got a great deal pricewise, and the collectors were excellent and very friendly. An infallible service - would recommend!
4.5/5 03Aug 2015 A truly remarkable rubbish removal company! The junk disposal team collected all our waste in record time. Rubbish Removals Ben and Jerry arrived promptly and got everything done in no time! The process could not have gone better. They provided a very professional service at a very competitive price. We are impressed and can only highly recommend their services to anyone.
4.5/5 24Jul 2015 The Ben and Jerry team did the most amazing job of collecting all our waste in just one day. They must have worked so hard to get everything done so quickly. They were very courteous and careful, reassuring me that everything would be ok and done in the best possible way without any problems and they proved themselves right. Great team, I can't recommend them enough.
4.5/5 14Jul 2015 I had a lot of waste to be collected. Rubbish Removal Company were recommended to me by another local businessman who had been impressed with their rubbish removal services. I got a great deal and they did an exceptional job with some tricky pieces of kit!
4.5/5 03Jul 2015 Great company! Expert service! Affordable prices! Reliable team. Professional. And on top of that I got the choice to have my waste collected in a time that suited me. To sum up, I would highly recommend BenandJerry because they have enabled me to move without any problems.
4.5/5 22Jun 2015 I had not long come home from hospital after a prolonged illness when I realized that I have rather waste which has to be collected. I knew I would need the services of a professional rubbish removals firm. My neighbour told me about Ben and Jerry Rubbish Removals and so I called them for a quote which was so low, I booked them. The job was done great!
4.5/5 12Jun 2015 It's not often I recommend local companies but I have no hesitation in doing so for Ben and Jerry. They always provide a completely professional rubbish removals service and their prices are extraordinary.
4.5/5 03Jun 2015 With all my kids and animals, trying to do anything is really hard! When it comes to collecting waste, I am in a state of panic. Ben and Jerry Rubbish Collection put my mind at rest and is always ready to help me when needed. A wonderful job and a great price.
4.5/5 26May 2015 I wasn't exactly sure what a rubbish removal service was but the one Ben and Jerry Rubbish Collection provided for me was all the education I needed. Their expert staff came to my home and collected all the waste I had for me. The whole process went smoothly, with everything done quickly and swiftly. I never knew it was the simplest way of disposing junk and now I know for next time to call them.
4.5/5 15May 2015 I was in need of some professional collectors to help me with my waste collection and Ben and Jerry were who provided them. I was assured that they could cope with the job in the best possible way. The perfect team for a junk disposal.
4.5/5 08May 2015 I run a very busy estate agency in the area and I always recommend Ben and Jerry to any clients requiring a professional rubbish removals service. It's great to have enough confidence in another local business to be able to recommend them without being worried they'll let someone you know down. I have never heard a bad word said about the company in all my years of recommending them. In fact, when it comes to Christmas, the waste collectors are remembered long before me and many of my clients send them a card! They do a great job at a fantastic price!
4.5/5 01May 2015 I really needed a reliable rubbish removal assistance and Ben and Jerry had a service that was absolutely perfect. The quality of the work is important to me and I was nervous about leaving everything in their hands. But once I saw the high level of professionalism that the job was done with, I could begin to relax really quickly. Thanks guys!
4.5/5 27Apr 2015 I was terrified at the idea of collecting all the waste alone and had my heart in my mouth. Thanks to BenandJerry, the rubbish removal process was much easier. When I told them the things I was worried about , they were extremely careful and did everything exactly the way I told them. These people certainly know their work.
4.5/5 17Apr 2015 Apart from my wife's rage, nothing scares me more than rubbish removal. We have hired a waste collection company twice before and those have been some of the most horrible decisions in my life. However, this time, it was a different story. BenandJerry made an easy job of the task at hand and got everything done for us in no time. It was a hassle-free and pleasant experience. These guys are pros.
4.5/5 06Apr 2015 I am very pleased with the rubbish removals company, Rubbish Removals Ben and Jerry. This is a company that really pays attention to its customers, listening to what I needed and wanted. My waste collector was really lovely and clearly very experienced. The best care was taken to ensure that everything will be ok. This time junk disposal run easy and took hardly any time at all. One of the best things about this service is the price, which is very affordable, especially when compared to other companies!
4.5/5 24Mar 2015 BenandJerry were the best business rubbish removal firm I have ever worked with. I have collected waste with several companies that I have worked for and each process had its problems. Even with the help of professional collectors things didn't go as smoothly as I liked. But this company provided the best junk disposal because they saw to every detail, had professional staff and were flexible. They helped with what my firm needed. We were set up within a few days thanks to their hard work. I have no hesitation in recommending them to any firm.
4.5/5 17Mar 2015 I had been looking forward to my office rubbish removal until I realized all the work involved. In order to ensure that it went smoothly, I contacted Ben and Jerry. They were able to take care of things for everything thoroughly, so every aspect was dealt with professionally. The junk disposal was a success, thank to their involvement.
4.5/5 06Mar 2015 I hired Ben and Jerry because I knew they could help with my office rubbish removal. I had heard how they had helped other companies so I wanted to see if they could assist me. They did, as every part of the business rubbish removal was covered. They helped me and my staff to feel more comfortable, so I too will recommend them.
4.5/5 25Feb 2015 I was off to college in another part of the country and needed a reliable rubbish removal company. My parents found a local company that helped students with junk removal. I needed a caring and considerate company to handle it. Ben and Jerry were brilliant and supplied some great waste collection deals. All of my rubbish was removed promptly and at a really good cost. The team were friendly and worked hard. A great company that I will tell everyone about!
4.5/5 17Feb 2015 I needed assistance with my rubbish removal. I used Ben and Jerry and got a great service for a really good cost. My waste was collected quickly and safely.
4.5/5 06Feb 2015 I was so impressed with the office rubbish removals service that I hired. I needed to have my waste collected fast. I was given the details of a company from a mate. Rubbish Removals Ben and Jerry did a fantastic job. The entire event went smooth, with no stress. I was able to leave it to the caring staff as they had plenty of experience in the junk disposal businesses. A really good job that was done to a high standard and at a really good cost! I would certainly suggest you to hire this company. They were wonderful!
4.5/5 28Jan 2015 It's impossible to say anything bad about Ben and Jerry Rubbish Collection. I asked for their service twice until now, both times because I needed reliable and fast rubbish removal. Every time, they proved to be of real help and the fee I paid them was a trifle compared to the work they did. I was kind of scared the first time, but they were great!
4.5/5 22Jan 2015 WOW. So I thought that Ben and Jerry Rubbish Collection would ask me for a lot of money by the end of the rubbish removals process. I did not ask for any kind of quote because I knew roughly how much this is worth on the market but when I saw what excellent service they provided I expected them to be a bit above the market. However, they were actually very cheap and, considering the quality of their service, they definitely deserve 5 stars.
4.5/5 06Jan 2015 I don't normally write reviews online but as I've had a few bad experiences with rubbish removal services in the past I thought it was worth letting others know just how good BenandJerry really are. I used their waste collection service last week and found them to be excellent. Greatest junk disposal service all round!
4.5/5 19Dec 2014 When it came to rubbish removal I wanted the perfect service with no exceptions. It was the same when it came to the actual waste collection process. I wanted to work with a company that would allow me to customize the entire operation. Many were reluctant to let me do this, but Ben and Jerry Rubbish Removals were not one of those companies. They understood that I wanted the entire junk disposal process done my way and were more than happy to accommodate my needs. If you want to work with a rubbish removal company that truly listens, then work with these guys, you won't be disappointed.
4.5/5 16Dec 2014 If there are ever going to awards handed out for rubbish removals, there is definitely a front-runner for the “Very Best” title as far as I'm concerned. I wanted a budget friendly and professional team who knew what they were doing and wouldn't spend their time messing around. With Ben and Jerry Rubbish Removals I got exactly what I asked for. The team got stuck in and straight to work by planning every single aspect of my waste collection, truth be told I couldn't of asked for more from them. If you are looking to dispose junk, make sure you keep their business card close, because it could prove to be worth its weight in gold.
4.5/5 03Dec 2014 Working with BenandJerry has been a great experience. Their rubbish removal team are not only experienced at what they do, they also have great hi-tech equipments to help them do it. I appreciate that the company values the safety of their workers as well as of the customers. The entire waste collection was very well executed and I am thoroughly impressed with the great quality service they rendered in a really short time. Good job fellas!
4.5/5 04Nov 2014 BenandJerry were invaluable in helping me collect my waste! Not only did they arrive at very short notice but they took really good care of everything. After seeing how good they were a few of my other friends hired them too, and were glad that they did!
4.5/5 10Sep 2014 I have a lot of respect for the guys over at BenandJerry. They made light work of what I thought was going to be a massive job, which left me feeling a little embarrassed if I'm honest. The fact of the matter is that you need a company like this if you are in need of reliable rubbish removal, as there are just too many things that can go wrong, and too much money on the line if it does get messed up! I will be recommending them to others, so I hope that they can do the same great work for them.
4.5/5 31Jul 2014 This is a really good company if you're in need of junk disposal of any kind and I'd suggest calling BenandJerry. I recently used their rubbish removal service. I really needed a company that knew what they were doing, and who would be able to stick to a strict schedule. I'm glad this is the company that I hired, as they were so professional, so efficient and very dependable. I was also impressed with the competitive prices, which are great if you're on a budget!
4.5/5 08May 2014 Rubbish removal is a stressful process, and one that you really do need to have professional help with if you are going to get it done easily. You will often find that a waste collection company can charge what they want, because everyone needs a hand with this sort of thing. However, I was surprised at how well valued BenandJerry were, and how excellent their service was in the end. Having used them because they were pretty cheap, I was bowled over by the standard of the job that they did, and it was great to have them around as they were very nice indeed.
4.5/5 19Mar 2014 Thanks again to the guys at BenandJerry for coming in and helping us get our waste collected. I've always been a bit worried about having to draft in a rubbish removal company, about whether they'll be able to help me properly. This time I had no such worries and the entire team was careful, considerate and still very efficient. And to cap this all off, they got us a really great price which made a big difference. Great service.
4.5/5 19Feb 2014 My goodness, finding a decent rubbish removal service in this area can be a serious hassle. So when we heard that BenandJerry has set up their own facility we had to make an enquiry. We have used them in the past for their rubbish removal services and only had good things to say about them so we were hopeful that same quality would pass through to this new branch. If you need waste collection don't bother looking elsewhere!
4.5/5 08Jan 2014 BenandJerry are amazing! I am so happy that I found them as it really is an incredible relief to have someone as brilliant as they are fighting your corner when it comes to removals! We were pretty scared that we were going to get everything wrong, as we have so little experience in the matter, but they made us feel at ease with the moving process and explained everything in full, so that nothing could go wrong! Obviously there was still a fair amount of work to do, but in reality, I didn't mind at all, as I knew it was working towards a great removal.
4.5/5 19Dec 2013 Working with BenandJerry was one of the best choices I made when planning my home move. I needed a man and van company with flexible service, service that could be customized to my precise needs. I did a lot of packing myself, so I only really needed some last minute help with bigger furniture and objects. BenandJerry was able to customize their service to cater to my precise needs. Their staff were reliable and prompt and provided just the service I needed. They were a really helpful and patient team and I would surely choose their service in the future.
4.5/5 29Oct 2013 I am delighted to report that BenandJerry made my recent removal a massive success, and that I could not have done it without them. My husband usually deals with the removals, but I had to do it this year, and despite his misgivings, we were both extremely impressed with how easily everything went. It is rare to hear him praise anyone, but he even tipped the boys for their hard work! I don't suppose anyone who doesn't know my husband could understand quite what a revelation this is, but it does go to show that these removers are the best!
4.5/5 16Oct 2013 I am pleased to report that Ben and Jerry Rubbish Removals did a great job on my latest removal. I have used a few companies in the past, and have had some shockers, so these guys were a breath of fresh air in an otherwise tricky industry. There is plenty that can go wrong with a move, from damages to taking too long and losing time. Nothing of the sort happened for my move however, so it was quite an easy process which I could not fault in any way. Cheers to the guys who helped us move, it was great!

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