If you're planning on doing house clearance, you might first of all think of using your own car to help you with that. This might seem like the easiest option, but we can promise you this is not a good idea! Here at Ben and Jerry you can trust us to give you reliable advice when doing a house or flat clearance, because we've been doing it for years. Loading heavy items or large amounts into your car is more than likely going to damage your car.

These vehicles simply aren't built to take enormous amounts of weight and it'd be devastating to add to the stress of clearance by breaking the car! We suggest using one of our house clearance services.

  • One of experienced staff members will arrive promptly with his rubbish truck and carry out a swift and efficient waste removal service for you.

  • We challenge any other clearance company to carry out a removal service as efficient and smooth as ours at the prices we offer.

  • We work hard to give you the best deal available, because we know property clearance is costly enough. So go on, do yourself a favour and give us a call for the best clearance package and other rubbish removals services today.

You might have been living in North West London for quite a while or maybe you've only just moved there. Whatever your reason for being in the North West, you've made a great choice as there's so much to enjoy and experience in this eclectic corner of London. Transport is fluid and easy by train, tube and bus which makes life very easy. The boroughs include Barnet, Harrow and Brent from which goes from NW1 through to NW10. Here you'll find Hampstead Heath, a vast and sprawling park full of ponds for swimming in, rolling hillsides and places for the little ones to play.

You'll even find the Italian Pergola, rumoured to be one of the most romantic landmarks in London. In the North West you'll also be spoilt for culture as you can visit Neasden Temple, an epic and beautiful Hindu temple in NW10 that's well worth a visit. You can also visit Swiss Cottage, a real pub that is built in the style of Swiss Chalet! Not only is it beautiful, but it's a great pub, often frequented by the star pupils of nearby, world famous drama school the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. There's the Hampstead Theatre nearby too, so you can always pop along there for a night at the theatre.

If you go for clearance services, loading a rubbish truck can be a tricky business if you're not sure what you're doing. Different types of items need to be handled in certain ways and in a particular order. Larger heavier items need to enter the truck at particular times and everything needs to be done properly. You may even need to be careful of packing very delicate things alongside bulkier things - which is not an easy task.
020 8746 4455 Why not opt for our fast and reliable clearance service? Call us now and have a chat with our friendly staff today.

You can trust our clearance service to provide you with the knowledge and know-how of carrying out a safe and secure loading of the truck. Here at Ben and Jerry our rubbish removal service is renowned for ensuring all of your belongings reach their destination safe and intact. We know exactly what kind of rubbish removals service everyone needs.

Our Testimonials

G. Quinn 2022/09/18
The house clearance team worked systematically. They had the house junk-free in no time.
E. Bloom 2022/09/13
I was more than satisfied with the standard of the rubbish disposal service. I left them to it when they arrived, didn't feel the need to supervise them. They thoroughly impressed.
Matt E. 2022/09/07
The waste disposal team did a great job removing everything from the front of my house. They had the area junk-free and neatened up, something they didn't have to do.
R. Henshaw 2022/09/02
I looked at recent reviews from people who'd used Ben and Jerry in North West London. They seemed to be a reliable, professional firm. I booked them in for my rubbish disposal job and was soon able to understand this for myself.

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