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Furniture Collection

There are a lot of difficult things to do in today`s world, but the one that most people try to avoid as much as they can, is getting rid of old and unused pieces of furniture. Whether they are old, filthy or almost destroyed, owners often do everything they can to avoid handling the furniture disposal. But sometimes, the luck is not on their side and it comes the time when they have no choice left, than getting rid of that clutter. Only people who have been through such experience know how demanding this task is: you need money, time and energy, not to mention all the stress and hassle that results from it. But we understand what house relocation or office removal involve, and that`s why our company is here to help. Ben and Jerry is a furniture disposal company that has been providing expert services across London for many years. Our extensive experience in this field has helped us build our reputation as being the most trusted furniture waste removal company in the whole city. What we offer our customers is a wide range of services, provided only by highly trained and experienced personnel. With us all you will have to do is sit back on your chair and relax. But first, you have to contact us on 020 8746 4455 and book your appointment with us.

Still, if you haven`t considered hiring professionals for your furniture disposal, we think it`s high time you did. We know that a lot of people think it will be cheaper for them to do all the clearance task on their own, but in fact it`s not at all true. Just think about how many back and forth’s you will have to do just to transport everything and even then, there might be some pieces of furniture that you won`t be able to fit in your car. And what about the filth that will be left on your back seat?
You will surely find some. Sounds like a real hassle, huh? Without adequate equipment and personnel, furniture disposal will be very difficult. This is not just a marketing method which is supposed to convince you to hire professionals, it`s a real life fact. We had people before who tried to do the job by themselves and after days of trying they were advised by friends or neighbours to go to a professional Lodon furniture junk collection company. And when they hired our specialists, the entire burden was lifted from their shoulders.

If you want to finish this task successfully, then it`s time you allowed us to do it, only by contacting us on 020 8746 4455.

Furniture Disposal
Furniture Waste Removal Company

If you want this job done in the shortest time possible and your furnishings disposed of with the help of the safest methods available, then Ben and Jerry is the perfect option for that. Aside from our regular rubbish collection services, we can also provide you with free of cost tips and advice. But that is not all: we are sure that some pieces of your bulky furniture are very large and that`s why we can dismantle and re-assemble them, making them a lot easier to transport. You can have all these only with one phone call on 020 8746 4455.

If you want a simple, fast and reliable service, then don’t wait anymore. Call us today!

Furniture Disposal Services to Cater for the Needs of Every Client

We strive to provide furniture disposal services that cater for the needs of people of all budgets. At Ben and Jerry we have a flawless reputation for delivering top quality services at competitive prices. We offer cheap furniture collection services in London that can be customised to meet all your disposal needs. Whether you need help with a few small chairs or a house full of heavy furniture, we can deal with it all. We serve domestic and commercial clients in London alike and we always achieve customer satisfaction. Give us a call on 020 8746 4455 and get your free quotation! You will be amazed at the price we will offer you!

Environment-friendly Furniture Clearance Guaranteed

We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint that is why we offer eco-friendly furniture removal and disposal services. We strive to recycle more than 85% of the furniture we collect thus reducing the amount of waste that is sent to the local landfills. We will sort your items, dismantle furniture if necessary and transport it to the nearest recycling centre in London. We will not dump your furniture in the nearest tip because we don’t want to contribute to environmental pollution. Give us a call if you want to learn more about our green furniture clearance services.

Choose Our Team of Experienced Furniture Collection Experts

At Ben and Jerry we employ only experienced professionals who know their stuff. We have a furniture disposal team who operate all over London and can deliver same day service. If you want to get rid of furniture at short notice we can help you. Our team consists of fully-vetted and trained experts who can deal with any type of furniture. They are all efficient and prompt; they always arrive on time and get on with the job and complete if with a minimum of fuss. Call 020 8746 4455 now to book our quality furniture collection services!

First Class Furniture Removal at Low Cost

If you are looking for top-notch furniture disposal services in London at reasonable prices, book with us and kiss goodbye to old furniture! We can help you dispose of any type of furniture any day of the week. Whether you want to remove a large sofa or you need to dispose of all your chair and table, we can assist you. We can remove anything from kitchen furniture, bedroom furniture and mattresses to chairs and tables with ease. We work on weekends and bank holidays so we are available for hire whenever you need professional help. Not only do we provide amazing results but we also offer cheap furniture removal and disposal services.

Enjoy a Hassle-free Furniture Disposal Service

Hire us and we will reduce the stress involved in the furniture clearance process. You won’t have to lift a finger with us on the job! We will come to your property in London and collect all the furniture you need removing. From sofa disposal to bed disposal, we have a service to suit your needs. We can customise our service to meet both your requirements and budget. Contact us on 020 8746 4455 and our customer service operators will offer you advice and a free quote! We make furniture disposal easy and stress-free!

Book Our Cost-effective Furniture Disposal Now and Save Big

Hiring our professional services won’t cost you an arm and a leg because we offer the lowest furniture removal prices in London. If you are after low-cost furniture disposal services then you have come to the right place. We have lucrative deals and gigantic discounts on offer that are designed to save you lots of money. Take advantage of our special offers and dispose of your old furniture without paying over the odds for professional furniture collection! Book now and save big!