Tips on Loading a Van When Moving House

Posted on 01/02/2024

How to Pack & Load a Moving Van

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Whether you are moving house or just have some small removals in the office to sort
it will require loading, driving and unloading a removal van. When it comes to shifting a load yourself there are some important factors to consider, mainly when it involves loading a moving van.  Do some research on how to safely load it yourself.  A moving checklist is worth putting together to follow for the safety of yourself and your belongings.

First you will need to obtain a vehicle and you can do so by either borrowing one from somebody you know or contacting a removal company to hire one to suit. If you follow the latter then a representative will supply some driving and loading tips to help make it a less daunting experience. Then after that the work begins.

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One of the main concerns when moving a heavy and bulky lot of items is to take care you do not injure yourself. Back pain is a common injury with lifting heavy objects and carrying them far, especially if you are not used to this type of work. But also other injuries can occur in the arms, legs and shoulders. Be careful and take time to make certain that everything you have to load onto a large vehicle is not too heavy or if it is then make sure you have some assistance either from a friend or special lifting gear. Winches and trolley can help take most of the weight which will reduce the chance of injuries.

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Here are some tips of loading for house movers when loading a van during a removal.

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Make sure you pack everything you are loading onto the removal vehicle securely, ensuring it is covered to prevent damage or scratches whilst being moved and shipped. Don’t over fill boxes try to make them a similar weight. Make sure they are protected in the box with bubble wrap and newspaper. If objects can move about in a box then this means it can get broken or damaged so fill in any gaps with paper.

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When moving from your home or work places to the van remove any obstructions on route. Clear away obstructions especially when you have heavy items to shift. This is to prevent any accidents to yourself and the furniture. Though it is best to park the vehicle as close to the location as you can, sometimes you have a long way to carry a huge item rest along the way.

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Don’t strain, only lift what you can don’t attempt to carry too heavier items. Make sure you either have some extra pairs of hands as well as some lifting tools, trolley and winches to assist. For massive things consider taking them apart and making them smaller and in return slightly more manageable. Dismantling larger pieces can be a lot easier to move and also place in position on a van.

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Take care with fragile items. You should have labeled them in advance to know where and how to load them on to the van. Heavy items need to be loaded first, then medium weight and finally leave lighter and more delicate items last. Secure safely and don’t rely on wedging something in between other things. It is easy when moving to have to break sharply and cause the boxes to topple and cause some breakages. Make sure everything is securely packed and strapped down with rope or straps for safety. Distribute the weight evenly and if the van isn’t full tie ropes across the load to stop it moving when in motion. You want everything loaded safely for the removal.

Maddison Nellist
Maddison Nellist

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