Tips on How to Move House Swiftly and Efficiently

Posted on 01/02/2024

Packing and Planning Strategies for Your Most Efficient Move

moving house
Moving house efficiently is one of life’s biggest challenges due to its strenuous and tiring nature of having all your ducks in a row. Doing this is something that everyone experiences at least once in a life time, sometimes some more than others. Hiring a removal company is one of the best ways to be able to carry all your goods and belongings from one residence to the other, hassle free without worrying about anything fragile such as your TV or your dining table as well as anything like glass ware breaking as opposed to if you were carrying it yourself. This of course, is dependent on what you actually own and if you are able to carry out small removals yourself!
Below are some tips shared on how to move your house with efficiency?

moving checklist
•    Make a moving checklist. Before you can hire a man with a van, it is imperative to be able to make a list of what you own and what will be going with you. A lot of times, we don’t really realise what we hoard in our house until it comes time to move and we’re left wondering how we accumulated so much junk that we are now having trouble shifting! The list will enable you to have a priority of what exactly will be coming along with you.

garage sale
•    Before you actually decide to put up everything in the boxes to have removed, hire a small car-boot or garage sale and make money whilst you’re at it! So many people simply throw things away that they aren’t really interested in anymore, when they could be making some spare cash that can be put towards any installation bills or anything else in the new place, as opposed to just wasting things you own away.

removal boxes
•    Calculate any boxes you will need and their sizes. Nothing is worse than the removals company showing up and you have ill-fitting boxes or boxes that just cannot be used. Aside the correct sized boxes, you should be having things like bubble wrap for fragile goods as well as things like a pair of scissors, a few rolls of sello tape and masking tape for bigger items as well as old newspapers that help fill up the spaces and to line old boxes for safety.

contents insurance
•    One of the main things that people really forget during their all-important house move, is checking their contents insurance and properly. The right type of insurance will be able to cover both damages and breakages, something that is exceptionally common when you move home. Removals professionals will always advise this and make sure their van is properly insured as well, simply to avoid any hassle along the journey.

hazardous items
•    Any flammable, retardants or generally chemically induced hazardous materials, should be stored on one side, completely away from anything else because you can never be quite sure on what exactly can catch fire or what can be flammable out of your belongings. Store them in air tight containers, in a cool-dark place and let the company know that they will be having to carry these products with them as well, should they have anything in their own van prior to coming to collect all your belongings.

packing essentials
•    Pack an essentials box. Most people in their new house, feel like a headless chicken on their first night in their new home because they don’t know where everything is. Pack things like toilet roll, tea bags, milk, a few plastic cutlery, snacks, cups and a small kettle to ensure a peaceful and cheerful first night settling into your new home!

Maddison Nellist
Maddison Nellist

Maddison, an experienced removals manager, specializes in managing various removals with an environmentally conscious approach. Her organizational proficiency and meticulous attention to detail establish her as a highly sought-after consultant.