The Advantages of Studying in London

Posted on 02/10/2015

The benefits of studying in London

London Universities

Not long ago you decided on relocation to London and here you are, looking for removal vans and moving companies, searching for your new home, brimming with life and desire to continue your education in one of the greatest cities on the planet. But have you stopped and wondered what can London offer you more than other cities? That aforementioned label is good for attracting students and tourists, but what keeps them there, what gets them to stay after they have moved home and are awaiting the beginning of their new life?

• Some of the best universities and colleges in the world
London City University, Imperial College London, University of Greenwich,  King’s College London, London School of Economics, Queen Mary University of London, University of the Arts London, Royal Holloway University, University College London. How does that sound as a choice of schools? As flabbergasted as you may be all of this and a few smaller branches of outside universities and colleges are on offer just for you. All these temples of education give you every opportunity to learn the profession of your choice and follow the career that you have been dreaming for the past few years.

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• An amazing transport system
Moving house to London does not necessarily mean moving to one area of the huge city and being stuck there. The transport options in the city, whether it be tram, train, tube, or bus, leave the whole city open to you. There is a certain density of neighbouring areas which means you can go to most places by foot, but even if you are too lazy, every location in London is reachable with the transportation network on offer for everybody. It is generally affordable and students benefit even more from it with the Student Oyster photocard which makes trips with the London Underground and other transport very cheap.

Moving to London

• Great entertainment for the weekends
After a week of studies, you can enjoy the weekend in a variety of ways. London gives you some of the best pubs, restaurants, and nightclubs where you can relax or let out some steam. Take the company in the great beer gardens to enjoy matches and games, go to one of numerous pubs, have a laugh or seven at some of the great comedy clubs – the options will be many. There is no shortage of meals to be had in London, and not only British cuisine – London is littered with foreign restaurants that will bring all kinds of colour to your meals. London’s nightclubs are some of the best student nightclubs in the world. They incorporate all the genres and there are nightclubs for every taste, including the rare indie scene which is not so rare in London with many options like Club NME, White Heat, After Skool Klub, and others.

Relocation to London

• Great opportunities
If you are planning to go big, then you need to think big, and they rarely come as big as London. A city like this is where you seek the big opportunities, the big interviews and big internships that will land you a job that will eventually grow into a marvellous career – the one you have always wanted. London is the place for young professionals with its many workshops and all kinds of sources to get helpful advice and tips about something, and all that from people who have already made it and know what they are talking about.

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And these are just the big advantages. There are also small surprises at every corner that await your relocation to start revealing themselves, or hiding in wait of you to discover them by yourself. London has it all, and it will provide you with everything for your student life and subsequent independent life. You just start making that moving checklist and mentally prepare yourself for all the great things that await you there.

Maddison Nellist
Maddison Nellist

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