Stress-Free Office Removals to Shoreditch

Posted on 13/05/2015

The stress-free office move guide

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Office removal to Shoreditch can be a very daunting and complex task if not managed properly. After all, moving offices does not just concern you; your entire staff has to make the move. Organizing a removal on such a large scale can get stressful if not planned diligently. Removal companies usually assist with furniture removals, packing, unpacking and even re-organising of goods. The tips given below will help you breeze through your relocation process.

Floor Plans: The most basic step in reducing some of your stress while planning a move would be to draft a thorough and systematic plan of where you are moving, what the area available for setup in your new office in Shoreditch, N1 is, how you would like the setup to be, etc. These are the things that should be given topmost priority since you can’t really start with the floor plans a day before the removal. Once you have designed the initial layouts, you can start distributing a copy to each of your staff members for their perusal and extra inputs.

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Team Formation: It will tone down your stress levels if you appoint a team of employees to overlook the entire move to the E1 region. This team can handle everything from the packing process to contacting the movers. They can also draw up the statistics for various removals in London, and choose the relocating firm best suited to your needs. The team would be run by a team leader who would make all the necessary decisions and crosscheck every plan with you before putting it to action. Also, forming a team can be a plus point when it comes to de-cluttering. The team can go through all the filing cabinets and computer stations, desks and other equipment and decide which items can be thrown away. Having a dedicated team for the purpose of moving offices can not only save a lot of time but also reduce costs.

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Office Work: Most importantly, once you have assigned a specific team for the task, you can handle the normal office work and make sure that the company keeps functioning properly even in the wake of a move. This will save you from unnecessary losses and also help you sort out the other legalities regarding the move to Shoreditch. Once everything has been sorted out and you have hired a man and van or a moving company, you can update the staff about the progress. Before the big move, you need to sort out the details regarding the lease of your current office and also inform all the local authorities of the move.

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Other Services: Often the tiny details are overlooked which may cause problems once you have settled down in your new office in hte E1 area. That’s why it is necessary to inform all the financers, solicitors, mailing services, clients, banks, gardeners and cleaners about your new address so that they can redirect their services to your new location.

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Don’t forget to prepare a moving checklist to ensure everything is in order. Careful planning before the move can guarantee a seamless relocation. Now you are good to go. Wish you a great future in your new office!

Maddison Nellist
Maddison Nellist

Maddison, an experienced removals manager, specializes in managing various removals with an environmentally conscious approach. Her organizational proficiency and meticulous attention to detail establish her as a highly sought-after consultant.