Protect Fragile Items During A Move To Richmond

Posted on 06/01/2015

How to Pack Your Fragile Items for Your Move

moving fragile items
When you have to pack your life into boxes when moving house to Richmond,
there are certain items that need extra care and attention given to them during the packing process. The last thing you want after home relocation is to open up your boxes and find that some valuable and fragile items have been broken or damaged during transit in the removal van. Whether you’re moving furniture or undertaking small removals, there are likely to be fragile items that need extra protection. To avoid any moving disasters, take some of these packing tips to protect your fragile items during a move into a consideration.

When preparing your home for the move to the TW9 district, it is important to remember a few things to protect your fragile items, such as:

- Be organised and prepared so that you don’t have to rush at the last minute. This is where breaks and accidents can occur.
- Set aside all fragile items that you want to pack separately when organising each room for the move.

broken in transit
When it’s time to start packing, keep these tips in mind:

- Make sure you have the right kind of packing materials to prevent vibrations and bumps from damaging your items during transit.
- Using blankets and towels to protect your fragile items will help.
- Try to invest in sturdy boxes and proper packing paper and bubble wrap as well.
- Foam peanuts are a good way to fill the space in the box around fragile items.

packing boxes
Now you’re ready to load the removal van. This can be a stressful process, but doing the following will make it easier:

- Make sure the boxes containing fragile items are clearly marked and labelled.
- Communicate effectively with your movers in Richmond, TW9 so that they know which boxes to take extra care with.

removal van
There are some ways that you can pack certain fragile items to ensure they are well protected during the transit period in the TW10 area. For example:

- Lamps: after separating the bulb and lamp stand, the stand should be wrapped with newspaper or packing paper. Lay it on its side in the box, using packing paper to cushion it. The bulb should be wrapped with tissue paper and stored separately, as with the lamp shade.

packing lamps
- Plates: make sure you have a layer of packing paper between each plate so they don’t get scratched. Stack a pile of four plates on their side in the box. Line the box with crumpled pacing paper above and below the plates.

- Glasses: the best way to protect the inside of glasses is to line them with crumpled packing paper. Roll each glass in a layer of tissue paper and protect with another layer of newspaper or towels once in the box.

- Mirrors: for mirrors or artworks that are shaped in the same way as mirrors, you should tape a layer of bubble wrap onto the front of the frame, and then wrap another layer around the whole item. Make sure they are stored on their side in the boxes and not lying flat.

moving mirrors
- Furniture: for furniture removals to Richmond when an item is odd shaped or bulky, the best way to protect it is to disassemble it where possible. For example, remove bed heads or chair legs. Wrapping these in bubble wrap will protect them during the transit period in the removal van.

Maddison Nellist
Maddison Nellist

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