Packing An Office In Marylebone Like A Pro

Posted on 16/07/2015

Marylebone Office or Home Packing & Removals

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An office move in Marylebone is far from one of the easiest tasks you will have to get through in life. The good news that getting in a removal service will have to be done so you won’t have to do any heavy lifting yourself, the hard part however is of course the packing up and organising. As you will not want to interrupt a working day you may find yourself not having a lot of time to pack. That’s why you need to get extra organised and plan ahead.

Create A Moving Checklist

When it comes to getting packed up, the best thing you can do first is go around each room or area to be cleared and get an organised list in place. What large electrical items are going to need careful transportation and what is going to need extra care when moving? Some areas such as communal ones will probably need little more than furniture removals so you can just leave them until the moving company gets there, whereas small removals in W1 will require expert packing skills.

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Have The Right Equipment

Get all your packing essentials at the ready before you even get started. Boxes, duct tape and string with scissors at the ready is perfect. You may also want some sandwich bags to keep bits and bobs together and wires in the same place. Take photos of any wires before disconnecting them as this will come in useful later when putting everything back together. You can use different colour duct tape to identify what’s in which boxes, or coloured labels. Just make sure you label boxes both on the side and the top so they are easy to identify. Pack heavier items into smaller boxes so they don’t end up getting too heavy. Use your large boxes for lighter things such as papers or stationary.

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Get Insured

Hopefully you are well prepared and have got yourself a good company in Marylebone, NW1. Removals in London should all come with insurance so that your things are safe. But you may want to get extra insurance for the move especially if you are transporting computers and other expensive equipment. Make sure you go through with your mover’s first to get an itinerary in place and write everything down. Show whoever is helping plans to the new space and where everything needs to go so that they can get on with things quickly and efficiently when they arrive.

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Be Realistic

Make sure you tell agencies exactly what you have so that there are no surprise costs at the end of your move in the W1 region. You may want to hire two separate companies such as a man and van for smaller stuff and a large lorry for all your furniture, especially if you have a lot of desks and chairs. If you have a car then this could be great to go back and forth to get some of the stuff moved first and give you a better idea of what you have left.

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Get Prepared

Getting as ready as you can before the move in Marylebone will really help you when it comes to the big day. Ask anyone to help that may be able to just to get things like kitchen equipment and plants together. Some people may offer if they have a car and it will be a massive help.

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Most importantly try to stay calm during your move, there is no doubt going to be stresses involved but try to take breaks and even a meditation class in between to help you cope. It will be worth it when you are all moved in.

Maddison Nellist
Maddison Nellist

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