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How to Declutter Before Moving Day

home clearance

Having a clear out before you move house is a great way to cut down on clutter and will ensure that you have the easiest move possible. We all have things in our homes that we don’t use, so why not get rid of them before you move? Here’s a list of ten things that you should say goodbye to before you move to your new property!

1) Old furniture.
Throwing away old furniture will save you the hassle of moving it to your new home, and will stop you from having to worry about what to do with it once any new pieces arrive. If your furniture is in good condition, speak to your local charity shops to see if they can collect it.

get rid of old furniture

2) Garage/Attic clutter.
If your garage or attic is filled with rubbish then get rid of it before you move! A good rule of thumb is – if you haven’t seen or used the item in more than six months, you don’t need to keep it!

3) The contents of your wardrobe.
Go through your wardrobe and the wardrobes of family members to clear out anything that doesn’t get worn anymore. Clothes that are in good condition should be donated to charity, but if you have tatty, stained clothes or items with holes in them, just throw them straight into the bin!

attic clearance

4) Unused appliances.
From juicers to toasted sandwich makers, there are probably lots of kitchen appliances that just don’t get any use in your home. Have a sort through your kitchen and pile up anything that you just never use. Not only will it mean more items to take with you, but it means less room in your new kitchen, so try to be thorough.

5) Children’s toys.
Whether your children have broken their toys or they’ve just grown out of them, moving is a good excuse to get rid of anything that’s passed its heyday. Try to include your children in this process, as it can teach them a valuable lesson, and will ensure that you don’t accidentally throw out anything of importance!

toys clearance

6) Towels and bedding.
Moving is a great time to breathe a little new life into your home, so why not take the opportunity to get rid of your old bedding and towels? Your new home is a fresh start, so if you have the budget it’s a good idea to dispose of any old accessories like these!

7) Broken items.
Go through each room of your home and dispose of anything that no longer works. From kids’ toys to electronic items, you might be surprised at how many things you own that no longer have a purpose!

towels and bedding clearance

8) Under-the-bed clutter.
The things that you store under your beds probably don’t have a place in your new home. Check to see what you store there, and throw out anything that you no longer use.

9) Food.
Sort through your cupboards and freezer and make a list of the food you have. Try to use as much as possible before moving day, and ask friends and family if they need anything else Cans and tins can be donated to those less fortunate, so make enquiries in your area to see what can be done.

clean up the house

10) Dirt and mess.
Get rid of any dirt, grime and mess in your home before moving. If you live in a rented property, this will ensure that you get you deposit back, and if not, you can be completely sure that nothing’s been left behind!

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